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1 leçon = 45 min
1 lesson = 45 min
Course begins every Monday
all levels accepted
Groupe de 12 étudiants
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Les ateliers FL offer you private and tailor-made pedagogical support in all of our schools. Chose according to your expectations, the hours and the topics of your lessons in order to improve quickly in French.

The private courses

Les ateliers FL helps you improve at your own pace and your own will thanks to our private lessons. One-on-one with a graduated and qualified French as a foreign language teacher, you will benefit from tailor-made support that matches perfectly with your needs and expectations.

from 2 lessons per week

Chose your pace from 2 to 20 lessons per week

You wish to achieve fast progress in French ? We can offer you a large number of French classes (up to 20 lessons) per week for as long as you want!

You are looking for regular practice of French ? We can schedule 2, 4, 6… French lessons per week for as long as you want!

A tailor-made pedagogical program

Les ateliers FL private courses are structured around 6 key steps:

When you register, we will ask you to complete two elements that are very important to your teacher :

  • a level test to determine your French level
  • a survey where you tell us your French background and your needs and goals for the course.

These two elements will be the core of the first lesson prepared by your teacher. However, the rest of the pedagogical program will be set after the first class during which the teacher will evaluate your oral skills.

When you are done with your first private lesson and taking into account your level and the numbers of lessons booked, your teacher will be able to tell you whether your objectives to reach are realistic or not.

Whatever your needs, we will help you being orally at ease in your daily French-speaking life, succeeding in your French-speaking work career, or successfuly take French exams.

Our goal is your success and satisfaction and that is why we will give you the advice to define reachable goals in a given time.

The teacher will use many different work materials during the class. They are always playful and linked to daily life, according to your tastes, your hobbies or current news (press articles, videos, emails, ads, songs…). You can bring your own personal documents so that the lesson will match even more with your expectations (work emails, resume, work related documents, minutes, …)

A private course is the perfect moment to practice your professional French!

During a private class, it is essential to stay motivated to improve constantly. The private lessons need to be entertaining so that you are learning without even noticing it which leads to a better acquisition of the language.

The teacher’s work is to make you aware of your weaknesses that may be unknown or underestimated.

If you have a  lot of weaknesses, they will be worked on from the most to the least important. Our priority is to always make sure you are able to give a clear, precise message.

In order to not affect your motivation and your oral production, you won’t be interrupted every time you make a mistake, your teachers will correct only the essential elements of your speech. As the classes go by, a deeper correction will be proposed, the goal of it being always to improve the fluency of your oral exchanges and interactions with French or French-speaking people.

The teacher might ask you to work in your own outside of the classroom : reading, studying grammar points, doing excercices, researching vocabulary… It is important to make the most of your time spent with your teacher to interact orally with them, to ask them questions and to practice your French.

As the weeks go by, your self-confidence will grow, you will start using new vocabulary, you will have a more precise pronounciation and syntax, and you will be more at ease and more fluent when speaking with others in French. Your teacher will stop you less and less for corrections and you will be able to exchange and interact more spontaneously.

You will also have the opportunity to test your written comprehension and expression during written exams that we can propose to you during your lessons.

When you are finished with your course, you will be able to recognize your achievements, and often exceed your goals. Beyond your linguistic expectations, you will acquire a know-how-to-be à la française and you will be at ease in a wide range of communicative situations.

Writing, reading, understanding and interacting in French will no more be difficult. You will love to learn French and you will keep on improving thanks to your teacher’s tips!

You have a doubt about your French level ?

This quick recreational test is to determine your level of French in one look. Please note this is not the official French test. When registering, you will need to do an other more complete test and an oral interview with a teacher to define more precisely your level and your linguistic goals.

The benefits of private lessons

Are you still hesitating between taking a group class or private lessons ?

Here a the main benefits of the private courses:

1. You benefit from a special attention and a more personalized help from the teacher which is not always possible in a group class. You will enjoy a tailored teaching that specificaly meets your own needs.

2. You will discover new learning methods that correspond to your personnality and your assimilative capacity.

3. You will gain confidence and enjoy the presence of the teacher just for you to talk about the difficulties you met during your learning of the French language.

4. You work on and talk about topics you like and are interested in which provides you with growng motivation and flawless attendance!

5. You improve quicker and reach your goals faster thanks to a tailored teaching.

Our private course teachers

In a personalized follow-up context, human virtues are really important. We screen our teachers in charge of the private lessons according to their human qualities that are particularly developed for face-to-face exchanges : good care, patience, self-giving, love of knowledge, taste for transmission…

program available
dans these schools

Bank holidays in 2024 : 01/01 – 01/04 – 01/05 – 08/05 – 09/05 – 20/05 – 15/08 – 01/11 – 11/11

registration fee80 €
Solo150 € / 2 lessons
Duo*210 € / 2 lessons

 *Only possible with a student of the same level as you.

registration fee40 €
Solo150 € / 2 lessons
Duo*210 € / 2 lessons

 *Only possible with a student of the same level as you.

registration fee80 €
Solo150 € / 2 lessons
Duo*210 € / 2 lessons

 *Only possible with a student of the same level as you.

registration fee80 €
Solo150 € / 2 lessons
Duo*210 € / 2 lessons

 *Only possible with a student of the same level as you.

registration fee40 €
Solo150 € / 2 lessons
Duo*210 € / 2 lessons

 *Only possible with a student of the same level as you.


registration fee25€
Solo125€ / 2 lessons
Duo*185€ / 2 lessons

 *Only possible with a student of the same level as you.

Our support team

Our teaching teams are available for you.

Their goal? Support students throughout their FL experience.

Coaching and mentoring is the centre of our teaching method, creating adapted situations to learn and use the concepts learned throughout your FLExperience.

Lessons and activities are available on your FLOnline platform, enjoy the full experience of our Virtual School and E-meet the FLAlumni network.

  • General French classes: work on and perfect the 4 language skills in accordance with the CEFR framework.
  • Classroom beyond the walls: practice the skills learned in class outside the walls.
  • Mentoring sessions: with the help of your teacher, work on your weaknesses to make them your strength.
  • Student Welfare Managers : Available to you throughout your experience to meet your needs and ensure your goals are met.

Les ateliers FL selling points

Learn at home, practice online, live your experience in France.

  1. A gain of motivation
  2. Reached and even exceeded goals
  3. Quick results thanks to a tailor-made pedagogy
  4. A coaching to go beyond and to keep learning French
  5. Course starts every Monday, all year round and for the duration of your choice (minimum 1 week)
  6. Qualified, experienced teachers with university degrees and trained in teaching French as a foreign language.
  7. A personalized follow-up
  8. A wide choice of service and pace
  9. A virtual school based on Microsoft 365 (Office, Teams, OneNote, Stream). Adapted to the new reality and technologies, our teaching method includes teaching lessons, specialized workshops, virtual meetings and visits.

our pedagogy

The organization of the private lessons

Take classes in the most beautiful cities of France : in city centers (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon), by the sea (Nice, Martinique), or by the ocean (Biarritz) ! Enjoy the activity programs of our different Les ateliers FL schools (cultural visits, wine & cheese and local specialties tastings, movie clubs, trips, …). You can participate to all these events even when only taking private lessons ! Set the time and location of your courses with our teams. Your lessons can take place at school, at home or at work. You can have class during the day, in the evening and why not over the weekend. (These options are not available in all the Les ateliers FL schools and imply an extra cost). Chose your learning pace : from 2 to 20 lessons per week for as many weeks as you want. We apply degressive rates! Confirm your level by taking a French exam. Many Les ateliers FL schools are TCF, TEF, DELF or / and DALF exam centers. Have the possibility to take private lessons with the person of your choice thanks to our private lessons duo! (Only possible with a student of the same level as you). Dare to take a customized formula : lunch with a teacher, class while walking in the city or doing some shopping, online Teams courses! …

our innovative methodology

Cooperative Language Learning is based on the practice of the language in real-life situations, using many different classroom environments. (In the classroom, outside of the class, on the FL Online platform, on the Mooc offered by FL).
The use of all the teaching technologies and methodologies available creates a complete experience with a full support for the learner.

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