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The French Learning solution when you can’t travel. From 6 to 20 lessons per week, found the right course for you and start learning Moliere language from home.Turn your couch and living room into a French Quality School!

From October 16th 2023, you can find our Bordeaux school at 103, quai des Chartrons. Cours du Négoce tramway

FL Online School

For a few years now, the education and technical team from Les ateliers FL have been developing an online school, where students in France can participate in classes together, while also including students from all over the world who are not able to travel or who want to start their french learning before they arrive!

In March 2020, FL Online School opened their doors virtually in order to offer students customized workshops, courses, technology and education as the new “normal”.

Our virtual school, FL Online uses Microsoft 365 (Office, Teams, OneNote, Stream). Adapted to the current society and to new technology, our method of online learning consists of courses, specialised and themed workshops, virtual meetings with french people and visits to parts of big cities in France.

Learn French before your Arrival

You can start your french learning before your arrival in France. Thanks to FL online courses, you can prepare for your arrival by revising and progressing your French in order to achieve a higher level in time for your arrival. The FL online courses also allow you to meet the educational team, the teachers, as well as your future classmates. Something to reassure and give you confidence before stepping out into the french world.

Courses “à la carte” and a Personalised Follow-up

By choosing to take courses online allows you to follow at your own pace.
Don’t lose more time signing up to a school when you can take FL online courses from your home or actually, wherever you want. We offer a range of courses more or less intensive to cater to both your needs and limitations.

Help with new technology; you will be accompanied by your teacher and by the educational team to ensure that no student loses their want to learn or their motivation. The classes are limited to 12 students to allow you to regularly participate in learning projects while also giving you reasonable timeframes. Evaluations will also take place for us to follow the progress of your French level.

Advantages of Online School

The FL Online Community

Outside of your course, you will have access to our online school 24/7. You can exchange with students from all around the world in private conversations or groups conversations on  various topics such as cooking, sport, art and literature, travelling, France and its culture.

The animators will give you ideas, propositions or suggestions enabling you to discover these topics deeper, all in french (articles, virtual expositions, cooking recipes, films, music, etc…). You can then share your experiences, photos or memories in the chat.

Les ateliers FL Online Workshops

Multiple times a week, workshops are offered over a range of different times. The workshops are sold individually and have different cultural themes such as literature, cinema, cooking, science. Language workshops are also available such as grammar, conversation or professional vocabulary.

We offer the experience of meeting someone french during the workshops “Un jour, une rencontre” where you will discover the story and destiny of a french man or woman speaking of their life, story, passion or their professional pathway.

The themed workshops are essentially for enriching your vocabulary, perfecting your oral comprehension and oral expression.

OUR PARTNER Frantastique

As well as online courses with Les ateliers FL teachers, we offer one month of free access to the auto-learning platform Frantastique which offers you french training, at home, when you want! After a test to establish your level, you will receive everyday for a duration of one month, one lesson followed by exercises to progress your French.


Thanks to our partners from the auto-learning platform Frantastique and initiated by Les ateliers FL workshops, #SharetheFrench is a location where everyone can discover the French language!

8 good reasons to take online courses

  1. Save time! Take online french courses from wherever you want, all you need is a good internet connection.
  2. Save money! Online courses cost less than courses taken at school, sign up for individual or weekly classes.
  3. Make your mind work! Learning a language is really good for your brain!
  4. Escape! Speaking another language is only the beginning of traveling. Step out of your comfort zone and discuss different topics you’re passionate about in French.
  5. Take part in enriching experiences, discover new cultures, exchange with students from all over the world!
  6. You won’t be alone! Our courses are given by native and qualified teachers. You will never be alone in front of your computer.
  7. Stay motivated! Using new technology to learn a language can be a funny experience but with the help of various activites like the radio, videos, and virtual visites, staying motivated is easy!
  8. Prepare for coming to France in the future! Taking online courses is the first step before your stay in France.

Online School in Detail

The courses are taken place via video conference, therefore you will need to signup to and download the program Microsoft Teams in order to have access to your lessons.

Before your arrival, we will send you your login details so you can connect to the  platform securely. Logins are personalised and unique to each student. To help you connect a written tutorial will be send as well as an explanation by video. Our team is also available to assist you throughout your course.

In the program you will have access to your classes (called “équipes” in Teams) and in each “équipe” you will have access to the following functions:

  • A video conference tool accessible via a planned meeting/ class.
  • A conversation tool (“chat”) used for communication with other students as well as your teacher.
  • A tool for exchanging, downloading or uploading documents.

Access to Microsoft Teams will inevitably allow you to benefit from the “complete Office pack” (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) so that you are able to work in the best conditions possible.

Benefits of Studying Online

Learn at home, practice online, live your experience in France.

  1. Courses provided by a recognised “Quality FLE” school.
  2. University qualified and native French speakers.
  3. A learning pace adapted to your situation.
  4. Rich meetings with students from all over the world.
  5. All skills worked on from your computer at home.
  6. You educational progress followed via the chat to ensure as an individual that you are progressing.
  7. Virtual guided visites and themed workshops offered free to enrich your French knowledge.
  8. One month free subscription to Frantastique (French auto-learning platform).

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