We have an amazing offer for you during summer to come and study in our schools in our 16 and 20 lesson General French programs.

We offer you a 50€ discount for each week booked without accommodation in our schools.

Offer valid for each stay starting before September 1st 😊

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Online courses

1 leçon = 45 min
1 lesson = 45 min
Course begins
every Monday
various online
international groups
French courses
from your living room
Groupe de 12 étudiants
group of 12 students

The French Learning solution when you can’t travel. From 6 to 20 lessons per week, found the right course for you and start learning Moliere language from home.Turn your couch and living room into a French Quality School!

General French
online courses

France Langue offers general French lessons without leaving your home. Our teachers are ualified, experienced and with university degrees. They are trained in teaching French as a foreign language will make you progress in French whatever your level, by following an official curriculum.

FL Online
6 or 12 lessons of French / week

FL Online StandardFL Online Intensive
6 lessons of General French
6 lessons of General French
6 lessons of thematic workshops

After a personalized assessment of your level and your needs, you will join a class and practice your French with students from around the world. Oral communication will be very present to allow you fluency in French. The teacher will suggest activities to facilitate contact between you. It will leave moments of natural exchange with everyone, will correct you when it is necessary without however stopping at each fault so that you gain confidence during your oral production and your conversations with French speakers.

Complementary workshops


To complete your learning of French and make you discover the specificities of our language and our culture, we offer complementary thematic workshops (1 workshop = 2 lessons of 45 minutes or 1h30 / workshop). They are organized in the morning and / or in the afternoon, you will be placed by theme and not by level. These workshops allow you to strengthen and deepen your linguistic knowledge (oral, grammar or DELF preparation workshops). They are also moments of discussion on current, cultural, literary and artistic subjects where you can converse on common interests. Before and after each workshop, a vocabulary list and materials will be sent to you.

There will necessarily be one that will arouse your curiosity and that will suit you!

Specific online

DELF (B1 / B2) and DALF C1 exam preparation



Added to the general French classes in which all the skills are seen, the online private lessons offer a tailor-made course and an intensive training to the DELF/DALF exams.

  • Introduction to the different tests
  • Methodological sheets
  • Study of the rating grids

French as a Foreign Language Teacher Training


the training

Includes: Package of 2 weeks of 12 lessons workshops.

This training aims to update and develop teaching practices, perfect knowledge of French culture and current affairs, discover new resources in order to be able to use them in face-to-face and distance courses and train in digital pedagogy.

The course is made up of different workshops such as:

  • Linguistic strengthening workshops
  • Reflection and discussion workshops on class practices and digital teaching
  • Conversation workshop on social themes from a trigger element

Private lessons


As in all our schools, we also offer private distance lessons! A teacher will help you progress in French according to your needs and your objectives.

The private lesson is the ideal solution to work specifically on your language needs. Role plays allow you to work on your conversation and vote fluently orally. The teacher will adapt to your level, your needs and help you reach your goals quickly.

After having done our online French test allowing us to know your level, you will have to send us your needs sheet. It is essential because it allows the teacher to know your needs and thus prepare a tailor-made course that can meet your objectives.

The extras of
the online program

On top of all the programs, we offer you:

  • Customized Language Coaching
  • Personal Access to your FLOnline platform
  • Virtual guided tours


Class starts every Monday (except for complete beginners).
Dates of 1st class for complete beginners: 16/08/2021 - 18/10/2021 - 03/01/2022 - 04/04/2022 - 04/07/2022 - 03/10/2022.

General French course

Dates of 1st class for complete beginners:
2022: 04/07/2022 – 03/10/2022.

Registration fee25 €
6 lessons39 € / week
12 lessons79 € / weeks

Additional workshops

Registration fee25 €
1 or 2 workshops15 € / workshop
3 or 4 workshops12 € / workshop
5 or + workshops10 € / workshop

DELF (B1 / B2) or DALF C1 exam preparation

Course starts every Monday for a 4-week session.

Registration fee25 €
6 lessons of general French + 6 private lessons1 116 € / 4 weeks

French as a Foreign Language teacher training

From 04/07/2022 to 15/07/2022, for a 2-week session.
+ access to our online platform for preparation for a weekly autonomous work

Registration fee25 €
12 lessons / week170€ / 2 weeks

Private lessons

+ access to our online platform for preparation for a weekly autonomous work

Registration fee25 €
1 lesson (45 min)55 €
2 lessons110 €
3 lessons160 €
4 lessons205 €
5 lessons and +50 € / lesson

Maximum 15 private lessons / week

Our support team

Our teaching teams are available for you.

Their goal? Support students throughout their France Langue experience.

Coaching and mentoring is the centre of our teaching method, creating adapted situations to learn and use the concepts learned throughout your FLExperience.

Lessons and activities are available on your FLOnline platform, enjoy the full experience of our Virtual School and E-meet the FLAlumni network.

  • General French classes: work on and perfect the 4 language skills in accordance with the CEFR framework.
  • Classroom beyond the walls: practice the skills learned in class outside the walls.
  • Mentoring sessions: with the help of your teacher, work on your weaknesses to make them your strength.
  • Student Welfare Managers : Available to you throughout your experience to meet your needs and ensure your goals are met.

France Langue key points

Learn at home, practice online, live your experience in France.

  1. Courses provided by a school labeled “Qualité FLE”.
  2. A rhythm adapted to your situation.
  3. Enriching meetings with students from all over the world.
  4. All skills are worked on even from your computer.
  5. Individualized educational follow-up via the chat to guarantee better progress.
  6. 1 month subscription to Frantastique (French self-learning platform)

our pedagogy

the cooperative learning

Cooperative Language Learning is based on the practice of the language in real-life situations, using many different classroom environments. (In the classroom, outside of the class, on the FL Online platform, on the Mooc offered by FL).
The use of all the teaching technologies and methodologies available creates a complete experience with a full support for the learner.

our objectives

the organization of the class

French lessons are held remotely. France Langue uses the “Microsoft Teams” platform to organize its virtual classes. You will be placed by skill level and will be able to exchange with other students enrolled in other schools of the “France Langue” network.

French lessons are structured as follows:

  • Start-up icebreaker activity.
  • Introduction of the grammar point via a trigger document.
  • Observation, exchanges with other students and implementation of the grammar rule from the triggering document.
  • Exercises in autonomy, with support from the teacher via the chat for individual support for students who wish.
  • Joint correction work and discussion on a specific theme.

Your progress in french

At France Langue, we guarantee you solid and serious French lessons, always geared towards your progress in French. Nevertheless, our pedagogy is interactive and fun where videos, songs, games are part of the lessons so that learning the language remains a moment of pleasure and sharing.

Your attendance at lessons is necessary for the smooth running of the lesson and will ensure good progress. You will have to do homework at home between each lesson in order to practice and improve your level of French.

our partner frantastique

In addition to online courses with France Langue teachers, we offer you free access for 1 month to the Frantastique self-learning platform, which offers you training in French, at home to work at your own pace! At the end of a level test, you will receive a lesson and exercises every day for 1 month to continue your progress in French.

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