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our Accreditations

Les ateliers FL are committed to delivering quality teaching through its qualified and experienced teaching staff. We create an effective learning environment for students, offering a wide range of French courses that fulfil their objectives in the best way possible.

We are proud of our accreditations:

French as a Foreign Language Quality Label

This label is issued by a government commission that includes the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of Culture and Communication, and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. The label is assigned for a period of 4 years if the institution can meet quality criteria in 5 key areas: teachers, training and teaching, welcome and support, premises/safety/equipment, consistence and organisation. More information here: Les ateliers FL Paris, Nice, Bordeaux and Biarritz have the label for several years.

Campus France

Campus France

Under the aegis of ministerial authorities and working with institutions of higher learning and their associates, Campus France aims to promote French language learning throughout the world, and to improve the experience of foreign students pursuing their higher education in France.



Major language schools the world over prize accreditation from the International Association of Language Centres. All IALC language centres are accredited through the IALC Quality system, which establishes norms and requirements in all areas of foreign language teaching and study abroad programmes. The code of ethics is regularly updated to respond to changing consumer expectations and to adapt to best practices for international language schools



Datadock is a unique database created by the 20 OPCA and OPACIF. Its interest is to sort the providers from a qualitative point of view. In addition, it also provides more readability for beneficial audiences. For training centers, the Datadock tool allows them to manage their files on the platform and add information. It creates a healthy emulation between organizations, giving them the possibility of comparing themselves with other offers; For funders, the database gives them the opportunity to check whether the organization targeted by the learner complies with the laws in force. It also allows them to establish a database of information on training centers, specially dedicated to funders; For the beneficiaries, choosing a Datadock referenced establishment gives the guarantee of an organism whose quality has been assessed. Datadock referencing is clearly a guarantee of quality. It also allows you, as a beneficiary, to see your learning funded.

In addition, we are recognized by the following authorities abroad:



CSN is the Swedish government authority that handles financial aid. CSN evaluates candidates claiming financial aid for study abroad programmes in France. For several years, Les ateliers FL have been listed by CSN as an approved institution for French as a Foreign Language studies in France.



In Germany, the Bildungsurlaub enables professionals from all fields to ask for 10 study abroad days to improve their foreign language skills.

Finally, Les ateliers FL has several partners who promote and develop the French language around the world:


The French Language Schools in France Agency The Agency for Promoting French as a Foreign Language – FLE – is the professional organization in charge of promoting the learning of French in France by people from over the world. The Agency is in charge of the French language professional website, created in 1996. The Agency welcomes teachers of French from all over the world in Paris at the Librairie pédagogique du FLE – French language Bookstore, where meetings, trainings and lectures are held throughout the year. The Agency also offers its professional expertise to national and international organisations, to support the pedagogical integration of digital tools and resources related to the teaching of French.

Atout France

Atout France is the French tourism development agency. It uses a variety of means to fulfil its three main objectives: promote and develop France abroad, help France adapt to the demands of national and international tourism, and support its public and private partners in their drive to increase economic competitiveness.



ALTO is a trade association for leaders and policy makers in the international education industry.



The International Federation of French Teachers organizes training activities for association leaders, supports innovative projects carried out by its member associations, helps organize world and regional congresses and provides information on the activities of its network of member associations.

CCI Paris


The main objective of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry is to support businesses and the economic development of Paris in all areas. The CCIP and its departmental delegations support businesses in all stages of their creation to their development, and is also involved in local projects.

Cote d'Azur

Comité Régional du Tourisme Riviera Côte d’Azur

A real ambassador of the French Riviera, which works closely together with all touristic actors in order to promote the Riviera to the foreign markets.

Bordeaux Tourisme & congrés

Office de Tourisme de Bordeaux

Les ateliers FL are a member of the Bordeaux Tourist Office which promotes the city and the region in France and throughout the world!

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