Our methods

Our pedagogical system is based on personalized programs and individual support for students. Les ateliers FL have developed a method and a pace of progression as well as tailored activities so that each student can reach their set objectives according to the CEFR* (around 100 hours for levels A1 & A2, 150 hours from level B1).

* Common European Framework of Reference

The strengths of our teaching methods


Motivation and performance

Les ateliers FL have developed a rewarding and effective method based on active learning.

Immersion begins in our classrooms: students put the language into practice to draw on their knowledge, skills and reflexes to use in real situations.

Students are constantly interacting in both written and oral French and are therefore active in their learning. The working atmosphere in our schools is both friendly and serious; the pace is dynamic and steady to actively develop the language skills of students. From the point of view of our students, this means, « I’m learning, I’m enjoying learning, I’m actively participating so I’m progressing ».

Teaching materials used in class include recent books, audio and video documents, newspaper articles, internet resources, literature and material specifically developed by our teachers. Activities promote communication so that students can adapt themselves to different types of situation (day-to-day, educational, social, economic or professional).

Classes are organized according to level (from A1 level to C1 following the Common European Framework of Reference) and learning objectives.

the cooperative learning

Cooperative Language Learning is based on the practice of the language in real-life situations, using many different classroom environments. (In the classroom, outside of the class, on the FL Online platform, on the Mooc offered by FL).
The use of all the teaching technologies and methodologies available creates a complete experience with a full support for the learner.


The extras of our schools



Courses that start every week (except for beginners), all year round, for the duration of your choice

Semester, quarterly or weekly course rhythms adapted to your time constraints and your objectives (university, professional or personal)

A wide range of courses (general French, thematic, “au pair” programs, specialized French, French and leisure) adapted to your profile (professionals, students, au-pairs, lovers of France and French) and your expectations .



A free and personalized level test to assess your skills before your arrival and allow you to choose a course adapted to your language needs.

The possibility of being advised and guided in your choices before your training by a specialized teacher.

The possibility of making a regular appointment with a dedicated teacher and of benefiting from personalized educational follow-up to ensure your progress.



A team of qualified and confirmed teachers

Placed under the responsibility of educational advisers:

– Our teachers are all graduates of teaching French to foreigners (Masters 1 and 2 in teaching French as a foreign language)
– They have a very good knowledge of French culture and civilization
– Most of them have experience teaching French abroad and master several languages

A warm and attentive team of teachers

Teachers easily relate to other cultures:

– We favor the recruitment of teachers who have professional or personal experience abroad.
– Our teachers are also chosen for their human qualities and their openness to the world and other cultures.
– Their enthusiasm and spontaneity guarantee you a lively and professional course.

Welcome to Les ateliers FL!

Our support team

Our teaching teams are available for you.

Their goal? Support students throughout their FL experience.

Coaching and mentoring is the centre of our teaching method, creating adapted situations to learn and use the concepts learned throughout your FLExperience.

Lessons and activities are available on your FLOnline platform, enjoy the full experience of our Virtual School and E-meet the FLAlumni network.

  • General French classes: work on and perfect the 4 language skills in accordance with the CEFR framework.
  • Classroom beyond the walls: practice the skills learned in class outside the walls.
  • Mentoring sessions: with the help of your teacher, work on your weaknesses to make them your strength.
  • Student Welfare Managers : Available to you throughout your experience to meet your needs and ensure your goals are met.

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